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New build

We can provide a complete roofing service for your new build project.


We offer competitive quotes from a site visit or from your site plans. Free advice on choosing the right roofing product, or help with your design, please feel free to ask.




​Emergency roof repairs

We are here for your emergency roofing repair calls; from a sudden leaky roof to a slpped roof slate, just give us a call.




​Looking after your home

We are here to keep your roof looking and performing at its best.


Give us a call for all your roof maintenance needs.




Roof windows

Have you got a dark area on your stairs or need extra light in your bedroom or office?  We can fit a sun tunnel or roof window to bring light to your room.  Please feel free to ask about this service 

Flat roof

We provide a cost effective, flat roofing solutions to suit your needs. 


We can provide a comprehensive quotation to cover all varieties of flat roof coverings including fibreglass.




Maintenance free roofing

We can provide a maintenance free roof for you.


Dry fix verges, various types of dry ridge system and dry valleys all replace the need for cement mortar.


Please feel free to call about these products

to discuss how they can make your roof worry free.




Troublesome leaks 

Do you have a troublesome leak that no one can fix?  -  Give us a call, I am sure we can fix it!



Fascias & guttering

We can provide a repair service to your gutters,

down pipes & fascias. 


We can provide a competative quote for a full, or partial replacement if you require; in various colours & styles

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